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Registration of Agricultural Business Entity


  • To solve structural problem of agriculture and imporve income, implementing customized agricultural policy is necessary
    • A registration scheme for agricultural business entities implemented to support the new policies
  • By centrally managing entities’ information, implementation of new policies and execution of finance has vastly improved
  • Feb. 2004 : Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry creates ‘Basic plan for the development of farms and rural areas’
  • Dec. 2006 : ‘Implementation plan of agricultural business entities registration’
  • Sep. 2007 : Pilot project for agricultural business entities registration
  • Jun. 2008: Agricultural business entities registration Implemented
  • Sep. 2009 : ‘Act on Fostering and Supporting Agricultural and Fisheries Business Entities’ enacted
  • Jan. 2010 : Create administration system to register agricultural business entities
  • Aug. 2013 : ‘Improvement plan on database of agricultural business entities’
Implementation system
  • Administration : New registration → Change registration → Confirmation of registered information
    • Modified registration : managed with focus placed on essential information
    • Verification of registered information : completed through direct visitation and electronic means
  • The registered information will be used for other agricultural projects and disbursement systems(Usage will be expanded)
    • Business Entities that have not registered or updated their information will only receive a part or none of the assistance provided by the government


New Registration

  • Newly created or inherited agricultural business entities
  • Property for farming or the enterprise itself is larger than 1,000㎡
  • Annual sales are more than ₩1,200,000
  • At least 90 days of the year are utilized for farming
Registration information
  • Farmlands, All farm and livestock products
    • Farmlands, regardless of category, are subject to registration as long as they are used for farming (However, proof of legitimate ownership/use may be required)
  • Submit the application with additional documents by visiting the local NAQS office, via post, fax, website, etc.

Change Registration

  • Business entities seeking to change information about business directly
  • Business entities requested to revise their registrations after inspection due to differing information
Essential information to be modified
  • Personal information
    • Farmer’s name and address
    • Corporate entities : Name of the chief operating officer and address
  • Farmland information
    • The location and lot number(on record and actual) along with area(on record, actual, unused/scrapped land), type of management(self-owned/consigned)
      * Lands borrowed at no cost is considered consigned
  • Information on domestic animals
    • The lot number, location, size, and management(self-owned/consigned) of breeding facilities
  • Production information
    • If the type of registered agricultural products has changed or the cultivation area of the registered product has increased over 10%. If the cultivation area has grown larger than the scale below
      a) Outdoor Cultivation area : 660m²
      b) Indoor cultivation area : 330m²
      * However, lands with cultivation areas smaller than 100m are exempt
    • If the number of livestock animals increases by more than 10%, disregard if the change in the number of livestock animals is temporary due to a delivery or the deviation is within the range specified below
      a) Within 1,000 chickens
      b) Within 500 ducks
  • If an business entity wishes to change essential information, a form requesting changes must be submitted within 14 days of the change
    • Confirmation of modified information within 30 days from the submission date

Check Registered Information

Viewable information
  • ‘Registered’ or ‘Not Registered’
  • Registered/modified date, Owner(Spouse), identification number of agricultural business entity, farm type (agriculture/livestock), etc.
  • Website, phone(1644-8778), visiting, mail, fax(Confirm registration, obtain certificate of registration)