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The NAQS is Korea’s representative agrifood management organazation with more than 100 years of history.

Aug. 2021
Implementation of fertilizer Quality Inspection and management of fertilizer distribution process
(Transferred to the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service from the Rural Development Administration)
Sep. 2020
Establishment of Direct Payment Department
Feb. 2020
Establishment of more 4 branch offices(117 → 121)
Feb. 2019
Establishment of more 2 branch offices(115 → 117)
Mar. 2018
Establishment of more 6 branch offices(109 → 115)
May. 2015
Establishment of Customized Agricultural Service Department
Dec. 2013
Movement of the Headquarters and the Experiment Research Institute to Gimcheon Innovation City
Sep. 2013
Establishment of Certification Management Team
Nov. 2011
Transfer the seed testing services to Korea Seed and Variety Service
Apr. 2009
Reorganization of Agricultural Business Information Department
Mar. 2008
Transfer agricultural statistics function to the Statistics Korea
Nov. 2007
Establishment of Customized Agricultural Administration team
Jul. 1999
Renamed to the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service(NAQS)
Jul. 1998
Incorporation of the NAPIO and the Agricultural Statistics Office
Aug. 1996
Implementation of safety inspection on agricultural products
Jul. 1996
Implementation of inspection on ginseng and its processed products
Feb. 1994
Appointed as the full responsible office for marketing management of agricultural products(Undertaking for the management for labeling of origin)
Jun. 1993
Undertaking of the standardization of agricultural products
Jul. 1992
Initiation of quality certification of agricultural products
Dec. 1986
Movement of the Headquarters to Anyang Gyeonggi-do from Jongro Seoul
Jan. 1974
Undertaking of food grain consumption statistics from food grain policy division
May. 1963
Establishment of the Experiment Station(Today’s Experiment Research Institute)
Dec. 1960
Renamed as the National Agricultural Products Inspection Office(NAPIO)
Jan. 1949
enactment of the Law on Agricultural Products Inspection and establishment of the Agricultural Products Inspection Office(APIO)