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The NAQS is an organization under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and consists of a headquarters, Experiment Research Institute, 9 provincial offices and 121 branch offices.

General Affairs Div., Planning & Coordination Div., Consumer Information & Food Safety Div.
			Quality Inspection Div., Place-of-origin Management Div., Agri-food Cerification & Management Div., Agricultural Business Entities Div., Agricultural Information Div.,
			Direct Payment Management Div. in Head quarters. Quality Inspection Div., Safety Analysis Div., Ingredient Examination Div., Place-oforigin Vertification Div. on Experiment Research Institute,
			Gyeonggi Provincial Office-18 branches, Gangwon Provincial Office-13 branches, Chungbuk Provincial Office-8 branches, Chungnam Provincial Office-14 branches, Jeonbuk Provincial Office-12 branches, Jeonnam Provincial Office-19 branches, Gyeongbuk Provincial Office-19 branches,
			Gyeongnam Provincial Office-17 branches, Jeju Provincial Office-1 branches on Provincial Office