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Agricultural Product Inspection


  • By inspecting agricultural products purchased by the government, the system secures a stable supply of food for the public and contributes to a fair distribution environment, consumer protection and supply-demand management


Inspection by Product Type

Public Stocks of Rice and Otheler Mixed Grains
  • Products(7) : unprocessed rice, covered barley, naked barley, wheat, oat, bean, corn
  • Location : Place with sufficient space and facilities for purchased product inspections
  • Process : Packaging inspection → Weight inspection(sample) → Grade inspection(sample) → Grade labeling
Polished Grains
  • Products(3) : brown rice, rice, pearl barley
  • Process : Packaging inspection → Weight inspection → Grade inspection → Grade labeling
Imported Agricultural Products
  • Products(13) : rice, brown rice, barley, bean, red bean, mung bean, buckwheat, potato, sesame, peanut, garlic, onion, chili pepper
  • Criteria : moisture, damaged kernels, foreign material, milling degree, etc