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Fertilizer Quality Management

Fertilizer quality inspection purpose
  • Fertilizer quality inspection in the production and distribution process prevents damage to crops and environmental pollution and contributes to sustainable agricultural environment preservation
Related laws
  • 「Fertilizer Management laws」 Article 18(quality inspection), Article 24(director), Article 30(penalty)
  • 「Fertilizer Management laws Enforcement Decree」 Article 19(delegation of authority)
  • 「Fertilizer Management laws」 Article 19(delegation of authority) With the revision, the authority to inspect fertilizer quality was transferred from the ‘Rural Development Administ ration’ to ‘National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service’(’21.8.12.)
Fertilizer quality inspection procedure
  • Request for sample collection and analysis of fertilizers produced or imported in Korea, stored, displayed, sold, distributed, or supplied
  • In case of violation of the quality inspection result, the competent local government is notified.
    • 「Fertilizer Management laws」 Administrative measures(stop selling, Disposal, collect etc) for violations are under the jurisdiction of local governments
<Fertilizer quality Management system> National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service Main office Fertilizer quality control plan establishment, Budgeting, etc. to 121 offices (Fertilizer quality inspection in prouction and distribution stages, Quality control support.etc.) sharing information 
		Quality inspection cooperation organization Rural Development Administ ration (Process standard setting, Designated management of test research insitute, etc) and local government(Fertilizer production registration, Administrative Disposition for Violators) 
		sharing Violators information and give analysis request to the test research institude 48 institutions(Rural Development Administ ration notice) and get Notification of analysis results
Quality inspection items
  • Analysis of main ingredients, harmful ingredients, and fertilization according to the fertilizer process standards